Saturday, 10 July 2010

Save The WOrld?? Maybe

Oh so all my loving goes
Under the fog fog fog
And I will leave them all
Well I'm just a poor little baby
'Cause well I believe them all

yeah yeah yeahs- Y control

Been a long time since the last time, as time passes, we don't realize, the reality is such a pity. The world is somehow a big pile of expensive food, that nobody seems to care about. The problem here that we have in ourselves are self realization, by which we mean, we don't realize it and because of this we don't take actions thus making us living in a world of fantasy not reality.

Enough of ranting, it's time for the main subject, DON'T DO ANYTHING THE BOX TELLS YOU TO DO, it's all lies, DON'T RECYCLE, understand? People don't do it anyway, so who cares right? Just throw glass in paper, they won't realize it, and they have machines to divide things, so just do it. Point well said.

NO! Say no to strangers! Please recycle it's a good thing to do, but not only the thrashes, what about your clothes that you haven't wear since 10 years ago? Or your chair in which you already have 10 in the living room? Things like this, that we don't normally use quite often, doesn't it makes you wonder? Why did I buy this? It sure is good to waste your money isn't it? It feels like releasing ten days of hellish constipation doesn't it? Feels good. Having said that, well, don't think of that, just do what needs to be done, donate it. Or maybe give it to the neighbours living beside you who awkwardly seems to be lacking in chair, or probably donate it to the jumping chair children who just constantly breaks chairs, good idea eh?

Sure is troublesome to save the WOOld, it's weird that everyday we tend not to save the world by using cars and offers it to more traffic lames, even with oil price increasing which is proportion to the dire increasing of stress, we still do it don't we? We sure are smart human beings, look train beside you! Dude look at that long bus, isn't it awesome? And you're in a car, smart.

Other than ranting, there's something that need to be said here that haven't been said yet.

Everybody loves Everybody....

That is all... thank you for getting annoyed... love you all

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