Sunday, 11 July 2010

We, Us, ouR. Them, They, Their.

I like the peace
in the backseat,
I don't have to drive,
I don't have to speak,
I can watch the country side,
and I can fall asleep.

Arcade Fire- In the backseat

United we stand, divided we fall. It always hurts when a person falls especially when they're big, and the best thing when someone falls is it's funny, it's not funny when you fall. So what the hay, laugh and the pain will certainly go away.

The best thing in life is to over analyze life itself, you confuse yourself too much you end up thinking about other stuff, it's funny when you track it back, and you laugh to yourself. Then you'll try to make a story from the things that you analyzed, for example a book.


Now, this is a story of a book, called the book. This book, is no ordinary book, it's not a book to read, or to see, it's more of a book to think about when you're alone in the toilet, sitting and doing your business. This book cost for only about 10 dollars, which is not quite expensive comparatively speaking to what you possessed now, but this book is a limited edition book, a really limited book, only 5 in this wide world, and 1 in each continents. This book contains 500 black pages with white ink, glow in the dark, with pictures in each pages, word carved.

This is no ordinary book.

The titles of this book is BOOK, it was legally made in Antarctica by using laminated ice, it takes 1 day to make this whole book, so it's really easy to do. The best thing about this book is the content, the content contains your thoughts, so as you hold the book and flip the first page, you'll be surprised that your face is on it, and as you flip more, it moves, and if you go to Asia, it comes with stick man moving below the page which is amazing, you can see it in youtube if you're interested.

to be continue....


Black and yellow striped pencil, sharp pointed tip, enables it to be our number one weapon, besides our body, the pencil's population is more than that of a bullets. The army never thought of using a sharpen pencil as a weapon instead of bullets, which cost more. If some trained ever get hold of a pencil, it could easily stab a person's fat belly and slice it into half, that's how deadly it is.

However, as deadly it could gets, it also have it's own personal nemesis, ERASER. Eraser are also deadly if you manage to throw them at a specific speed which could pierce through a human's skull, and this Eraser could erase all the pencil's writing, which frustrated pencil because of the effort the pencil put into.

As good as it can get, Eraser can also erase all the pencil's past, the bloody past, in which pencil regrets.

to be continue....

Both stories above, purely is boring, no need to read it, you can make stories like that anytime you want, it only depends on your creativity, and it will take you to lots of places if you have a super imaginative power, you can see the world more if you have it. Try not to over analyze things, since you might get things wrong if you do.

THE Title.

Separation, the best solution to all things is, "Hey, why don't we share?" ....
But if you just hate that certain person because of hist unedifying attitude towards you, that person deserves to be hated, all you need to do is punch.

And that will cause a short story to be longer.

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