Thursday, 13 May 2010

another Post Bout' Longboard.

This how it started, we have a new member in our team, it use to be only Afi and Afiq, now we have a third member, Asri. It's a happy day for the three of us, nothing better than hanging out and chilling with your own brothers and sisters right???

Three weeks ago, Asri joined in the crew, we know mentioning this is a bit late, but that's that, we informed it. This is how it's going to be for the three of us:

Afi: Pump, Slalom, Speed, Dance(a bit), Slide, Style, Cruise/Carve
Afiq: Pump, Slalom(a bit), Speed, Slide(still learning), Style, Cruise/Carve, Power pusher
Asri: Pump(learning), Speed(not yet), Dance, Slide

That's how it is, we don't have much years of experience on a longboard, and never seen a real longboard before, but we sure are good at this, even though it is dangerous, we'll the get hang of it sooner or later, sooner.

Three times a week, 2 or more hours spent on the hot, dirty, dangerous, hard, soft, tarmac road, practicing and just chilling, releasing the daily stress, feeling the freedom of the wind that drives us. Helmets were not worn, reason, simply because we don't have any, relying on fear and the smallest experience we have, avoiding injuries are made possible and are necessary.

Foot breaks, wind breaks, slides are the best way to stop, teaching Asri this is hard, it always has been a problem, nervous, timing and of course lack of courage. It's a no problem, bailing out of the board is an okay move, but without wearing the correct gear it could be a problem in the future, so foot breaks are necessary, and teaching is of course hard and tiring. Walking uphill, then downhill, doing the same thing over and over again, are just plain exhausting. Sacrifice is needed, what can we do??

Most of all, it sure is fun, having fun together.

videos will be posted later....

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