Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A grouping: day 27 - day 30... (explanation)

You take your time
Tick tick tick time
You take it
Lets have a look
Tick tick tick time
Tick tick tick tick
Time you take it
Time you take it

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Tick


If it was explained before, then this explanation would be more thorough compared to the other one. Reason for doing day to day blogging is to remind us on what we did that day, once we are reminded for what we have done or what we haven't, we promised for the better tomorrow. As we promised more, nothing seems to be happening. This is life, and certainly a dull, stagnant and a normal pedestrian life.

We advice people whom are working or at school or doing something, cherish it, treasure it, it's really good when your doing something rather than nothing, correct?
It feels good to be shouted at when your doing nothing, since you are reminded, and take that as an advice not a result of anger.

Time doesn't wait for anyone, it flies as we're waiting, it goes by, when we're sleeping, it walks slowly when we're talking about stupid things, it teases us, when we're doing nothing.

Slap that stupid time, time is only a number, fight it and you will be ahead of it, do something, anything.
Do nothing, but something. Confusing yes??
At least you read it to this pointm which makes you the smartest man around, at least for now.

The Days :
(doing this is not very productive either, it's really boring, more or less like a diary, and diary supposed to be private, we'll try to keep this short as possible)

Day 27

People were invited to come to our house

Day 28 - 29

Nothing, just chilling and relaxing, doing the usual stuff.

Day 30

A quick stroll and a walk by to a close art shop, at 5 AM in the morning. Whilst watching Afiq falls down dramatically from his longboard so many times. Classic.

Asri, scalling his teeth, clean.

That is all for 3 days.... will continue doing this, but with new things of course.....

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