Thursday, 29 July 2010

Fine morning

(picture taken long time ago during Afiq's solo adventure on his magic longboard)

Purify the colors, purify my mind.
Purify the colors, purify my mind,
And spread the ashes of the colors
Over this heart of mine!

Arcade Fire- Neighbourhood #1 (tunnels)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

From the statement above we could conclude that waking up early in the morning, having your breakfast with your family is one of the best things to do, not to sleep long hours without realizing what the time is.

As explained earlier, we don't sleep normally now a days, our usual sleeping time is 5.30 AM, amazing isn't it? Then we wake up at around 12.00 AM- 1.00 PM, not a good life schedule, but that's us, don't try to copy this, we're trained professional. We do it for a reason, it's to make this world a better place to live in.

It's obvious that this post is a continuation or perhaps a sequel to the previous post, it's to encourage people to get out, especially us. We do get out, if that's what your asking, we get out at night, people might see us in the day that's why we wear dark clothes in the night so that people won't see us, ninja style. People would think this activity is unhealthy, but it is true, it's not healthy at all. It's peaceful to have a night or a morning stroll, that's our excuse(reason). The afternoon is just to hot, the evening is just too hectic and the night are plain cramp, too much pollution produced during those times as to compared to the times that were mention.

No cars, Less humans, Not much Pollutions that's life for you, a quite relax life. A morning stroll.


Anonymous said...

i love the morning sun! teheee :D

Anonymous said...

Otoman's finally revealed. each and everyone three of you.