Friday, 16 July 2010

day 22....

it has been 22 days since the start of our boring and hot summer holiday, from my point of view we havent achieve anything yet but we will, but the other members of the OTOMANs think they achieve something.
To inform people who is reading our blog this will be our last summer in our life possibly and in Egypt, because in Malaysia we dont have any seasons, the status is we dont know when do we leave Egypt, so we wait its very torturing for us.

we also waiting our IGSCE, AS and A2 result

Since the start of the summer holiday on average we sleep 5.30 am everyday and wake up at 12.45 pm, dont ask us what are we doing stayin up really late
, but still sometimes its not enough sleep so we continue sleeping in the evening.

p/s : were really bored

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