Thursday, 7 June 2012

Door Knob

 It may sound insignificant and not important comparing to a tooth paste, however it's because of this very significant item which is a door knob that could actually save lives, thousands. The definition of a door knob is very similar to a door handle, it's a handle located on a door. Simple and very obvious. But too many eyes, it's as view as insignificant.

 Here, we are going to prove that a door knob is as important and possibly more important than a tooth paste. There will be three things that we are going to emphasis on the matter where a door knob is very significant to our very life, where it is as such 1. Improves quality of living condition 2. Saves energy 3. Functionality and credibility. For each of these, we will justify on the reason why it is as such, and to an extent we will defend it.

1.Improves living condition
To many readers this seem very implausible, even to us at first it was seen as a joke. However, a door knob is a very apparent object in a house, it is an access to an area or room, it's what makes a door complete. But that's another matter altogether, a door knob signifies whether your rich or poor, that's one thing about a door knob that surprises us, with a door knob a living condition could be improve. Given the situation where you are sparkling rich where money comes is just from you speaking, you, at that given time wouldn't want a normal spherical shaped- stainless steel- key access- easily hacked- easily rot- unattractive door knob, you would probably need a diamond shaped- gold plated- carved patterns- branded- made abroad- sensor access- impossible to hacked and rot- attractive and explicit door knob, with this your expenditure on just a door knob could reach $1000 for a door knob. From here we could see that one who would spend this amount of capita on a door knob, would give us an impression where this person is either an idiot or a sparkling rich person, who sees $1000 is only $1 in the eyes of a layman. At that point, this person would be self actualize, and is able to do anything he wants, thus comes to a conclusion of the point it improves living condition.

2.Saves energy
With concise and brief explanation, energy here refers to the work done by a layman, and as it is in physics, work done= distance moved + force (if I'm not mistaken). With applied physics we can conclude that with a door knob, work done could be reduce tremendously, thus saving ones energy in order for a room or a place to be access.

3. Functionality and credibility
Derive from the first and second point, it's with a door knob where some unaccessible place could be access. Even in games. There's nothing much to say here, other than the fact that "it's only a door knob", in cases where emergency occurs it is best that you find your door knob unlocked if not your in big trouble.

 With door knob in mind, we've stated to you where a door knob is a very significant item in our daily lives without us realizing it. As they say, we take granted of things when they're there, but possibilities are always there and sometimes we would come to point where we need a door knob to be on our door. To end this topic, we include a story based  on true events.

6 am in the morning, awaken by my mother, slowly walking towards the bathroom's door as I gaze into the mirror and gazing I did. Eye's squinted, hardly looking at any item with no real objective to look forward to go to school. First, I brush my teeth then I do my business afterwards a quick run through the shower, it was cold and refreshing. I kept in mind that I didn't do most of the homework that was set by the teachers, the possible solution to escape hell in school is either fake that I'm feeling ill and not go to school, or just go somewhere quite and sit until school ends. But I was a good and loyal kid, I will not fall to the darkside, I took a deep breath and gush out a long sigh as I walk myself to school knowing that I will be punish.

 I took responsible of my doing, the pain won't last long, it would sting but heck, what do I care, I'm immune to such pain. I'm already smart and intelligent, always come in the top 10 in school, there was no harm done to my reputation. The teachers already know what kind of a student I was at that time, I was secluded in class and was placed at the corner near the trashcan in class. It was sad to some students, but I always remind myself that this is not the worst situation I've ever place, I remain reputable and strong. Nothing can budge me to move myself from my corner. It was my corner. Then again, I haven't had my breakfast and I ate spicy food the other night. My stomach was playing bad music, was not good to bear it for long. Yet I kept my cool, no one notice, class hasn't started, students were still rushing in. I still remain my cool.

First class was about to start, it was Mathematics, and I didn't do the homework, I was ready to stand up when the teacher called my name, as I stand up the volume got louder and it was strong. I ask the teacher for a permission to excuse myself from class, approved. I rush myself out of the class, the toilet was quite a distant and I was running my legs out as the music got louder. It was bad! I manage to reach the toilet without harming my trousers, as I took my trousers and underpants off and squat myself, all the music players rush out, it was a waterfall of chocolate, then the colour of the music changes, from Chocolate to milk tea and it was bad. So bad that I think I was giving birth to an alien. But I kept my silence fearing that others are listening to the music that I'm producing. It was hell, I rather face the punishment than this!  I got dehydrated as it gushes out more and more.

 The final drop, the toilet was full of drinking, I washed myself, then I realize the chocolate dripped on my pants and this was already bad news for me, knowing that 45 minutes has passed by, I wasn't thinking of the first class I miss. This is bad, it's bad, it smells, it doesn't look consumable, it's toxic, I don't know what to do, I was stuck in the toilet.

I rationalize myself, kept myself sane, I wash o the chocolate and coincidentally wet the trousers, good idea. Nonetheless I'm wearing something now, put my socks then my shoes on, as I was about to free myself from the room, there was no door knob, and the door was jammed nail. The only way to open the toilet is from the other side and there was no way to open it, I could climb the walls but it prove to be worthless since I am short at that time. There was a lot of things on my head, one of them is that I just missed two classes, the toilet smells, it's dark and I hope there was no sort of monster that would crawl up from the hole and seek vengeance, I was trapped with a wet pants. I was uncomfortable.

 There was no way of calling my friends or any strangers that were passing by, most of them are in class, and the toilet is a tiring distance, and probably most of them have a good bowel movement. I was a bit regret yet I was happy, most of all I was hoping that some people would sense my absence in class since I've been long gone. Nothing. For 2 hours now, nothing at all, I couldn't get out and no one came to look for me. What a life it is.God was testing me, I believe that, probably laughing at me, I believe that too, the thought of Him sprung out, I believe that He can help me and the only one that can help. So well, easily said, I prayed in my head that I want to get out from the worldly hell and that I'm prepared for any punishment, since I was punished I took the advantage and prayed for a lot o things too. I was smiling, I told myself, I will not tell this too others especially my father or mother, since sincerity is very important and my father taught us that.

 The best thing to do afterwards was wait, so I waited, nothing much happen, only thing is that I started singing and draw on the wall with water, and was still having the idea that a monster would come out. But then something positive came out of my head, what if a woman came from the hole? It won't happen but well, it was an imagination that I always have. I scan thoroughly to the structure of the toilet that I was stuck in, it was old, dirty, and the door has holes a lot of them, it was rather old fashioned but it didn't bother me much. I wasn't bored, not bored at all, I wasn't insane too. I was just resting my back on the dirty wall, thinking of all the things that could happen if I wasn't in this toilet.

 3 hours passed, I was half asleep leaning myself on the wall, it was recess already, a student came, I asked him to kick the door, and so he did. I thanked him, and of course he was my friend, he was looking for me, absent for 4 classes was indeed a shocker, I didn't tuck my shirt in, as I was about to tuck it in the bell rung and I have to go to the TV room as my friend inform me that we will be watching a movie, I was glad and was feeling better for a bit. I was tired and exhausted, being in a small room was choking me and my energy, so I went and ask the teacher whether I could go back home or not since I got a bad stomach and was absent for most of the hour, sadly I didn't. But the story didn't end there with the teacher, she notice the chocolate was also on my un tucked shirt and she stated it in from the whole class.

 I wasn't embarrass, it was there, it was big, no chunks, I just smiled and took my seat, most of my friends were smiling, I felt relief. It was only a one day event, the next day no one talked about it, one thing I know, as soon as I got back, I took a long shower and prepare myself for extra curricular activities, had my lunch and of course didn't tell my mother about it, I kept the whole thing silent for who knows how long, until a point where I completely forgotten about it. Next year, as me and my friends were roaming around school after school, we heard a cry from a kid in the toilet that I was stuck in, so as a rational and kind human being we ran towards the toilet and as we got in, the door was lock, we ask him why, he was trap, (but not long though), I climb the walls of the toilet beside it, and notice that the kid wasn't wearing any pants on. I jumped down and land, told my friend about what I saw, the kid's friend was there comforting him. So me and my friends too initiative and report it to the teacher.

 And so it ends. It's funny since there's a lot of things happen to people in that very same toilet. It was 2003 when that happens, 3 hours of choking to death by nauseating smell. Good experience.

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