Saturday, 16 July 2011

THe surprise that didn't happen.

15.7.1995. A day where he was born to this planet we call it Earth, now it's 2011, he's just turned 16 yesterday. An age where you could say it's sweet but not salty anymore. As part of the otomans we always make birthdays more special, more sincere and of course to make them happy.

But as it turned out, it was a turn of events, we didn't do what we're suppose to do, we forgot. It's a sad event, we made out brother sad, looking and hearing sad is not the best sight that I or Afi would ever want to spectate. As for now we couldn't make him happy, it have passed. And I nor Afi couldn't change back time.

What we can say no is, Happy BIrthday to our special brother, weill always love and remember you until the day we die. OTOMANS forever, to infinity and beyond.

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