Wednesday, 22 July 2009

THe predictable,The UnsToppable, The UnwanTINg, ....

There is at time where something that you predict might come but it is unstopable and you sure don't even want it, the only thing to do here is to just accept it, and accept the fact that, that is just life; people come and they will someday go. For us we encounter with it a lot because we live far from our secondary family(cousins[we might make people confuse with our parents and siblings so it is appropriate to put it in that way]).

Per year however, we will visit our secondary family just for a short time usually at a special occasion e.g eid or sort. Visiting families is real fun but parting away from them isn't( depends on the people for us it doesn't but we need to adapt with it), that's just the way it is and that is life. Life...

Most people would and will say to cherish every moment of their life but do we know did they cherish their life and we would say to ourselves "what makes he said that?". There is a fact that we all live in, however most of us will not accept it, it is DEATH. An end to one's story, a time where a person's time stops, a time where a person's action stops, a time where all his memories will be remembered by others not him and that is the time where DEATH occurs. Death is somewhat unpredictable, but we know it will happen, someday, and yet we tend to forget about it, when the time comes we will regret most.

The reason why pointing out death here is because it is part of the phrase "cherish every moment", because when time comes, we certainly wouldn't cherish it, what is left will be memories. It is also part of the title, but that is not the reason why we make this post.
This post is only an introduction to the next post, ONLY an introduction nothing else.

ho ho ho....(I am not copying santa okay, this is how I laugh)

p/s: death is a harsh subject....maybe a bit sensitive.....

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