Saturday, 25 July 2009


(this post is a sequel to the previous post)

what can we say more saying "goodbye" is easier than waving goodbye(not really, it could also be hugging goodbye or kiss kiss hug hug goodbye or even the pounding shaking hand goodbye) or saying hello. What we're trying to say here is it's never been easy for us to say goodbye to our fellow families, friends, girlfriends, kids, cats (makes kit kats), trees, cars, rooms, clothes or even the place where we go the most, the LOO (seriously, no joking).

Lately, we have just part away from our families in Malaysia even though we live far away from them ever since we were young, we still can't get rid of the sad feeling of leaving them, there is always a feeling of staying longer or taking them with us, but what can we do, we can't fit them in the luggage, otherwise they might die!

p/s: too tired, eyes burning, sleep sleep.....

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