Saturday, 4 April 2009

...The Law Of Cost And Effect And the EFFECTED...

wHen oil price increase Everything just went up suddenly, there is also a sudden case of inFlAtion. To help ourSelves from Making The COnDITIOn WorSt ThAN it IS, The only SOLUTION is By savING. BY which mean Not to waste a LOT of MOney on junk, ProbabLY mOST of tHE people lIving, Breathing in This so-called peaceful world know this, but Do they act as they know IT?

wHen the Cost is HIGh, the eFFECT will Be most people will be WORKing SUPREmely HArder tO EVEN get A lil' BIt of mOney or for Some people ThiNKing HARDER how To Avoid it, well of Course For some To AVOid IT. The EFFECTED is THE people living IN this planet, as YOU all know money IS important to LIve, it's ParT OF our LIFE, nevertheless it IS onLy IMPORTANT to survive nothing else. MoSt of our money iS spent on fooD, for one day we spend about more than 100 hundred dollars without us knowing, and above that consciously. THis means that for a year we will spend about 1 million or more( depends on the people) only on food, if we take into account all the bills and clothes we spend about tenth of a billion. FoR some the effects is not that much to them since they could manage their wealth but for most its not( I cant support this part of point since most of the people that I look seems unworried but acts as they are worried).

...The Cost of The effect...

none, most people will rely and blame the government, I am willing to contradict myself to say this, however this is true, and it is happening, it is the fact.

..the EFFECTED..

...keeps on wasting, sad isn't it....(in general)

note:I am viewing in general point of perspective, if some of the point offended you I'm sorry, yes, some people work hard to earn some money, what im saying here, is the people who does not work hard but gains more, and waste more.Again I'm sorry if some of this offended you.

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