Saturday, 14 March 2009

Wat-Er R0cKet !!!!! O yeah...

wHat we ARE showing In the BIcture is A mAN holDing A m-17 rockET Launcher, it use up to 10 gALLons of MetHane To juIce it Up. iT is tHE most simplEST of laUNcher, yOu can USE a celo-tape if You are tooooooo lazy, lazinessss kills you know. The Broblem WitH this LAuncHer is That U2 HAVe to Hold it, AND that Is The best Part abOUt it, fiRst U haVe to HolD it THEn, PumP thE rOcket WItH soMe juicE, later shAKE tHAT thinG, now RElease it. HAhahHAhHAHA!!!!!!!
FIRst tHing FirsT, u MUST have A launcher, A bicycle Pump, a HanD, 3 stRONG handSOMe men( people tend to Watch more when guyz doing it, of course when a women does it only men come and watch!!!!), also water and last a bottle filled with a third of water in it. thaT IS onLy THE basic, if U want SOme more KicK gET sOMe mOrE PoweRfuL jUice, LiKE fOr eXamPle Bottle Of COca cola, WatERy foam, VEge OiL and somE EXPlosiVES, THAt will do.
SoMe GooD ThiNGs YoU coUld DO... wIth THE RoCket...
  • fill It WIth some EXBLOSIVES, aim it at ISRAEL, Cause you KNow people these days just LIKE to play exblosives with them.
  • you could always try to send a letter to your love ones, very very fast u know.
  • distract or irritate your neighbour with these is one of the good thing
  • fly to the moon
  • shoot All the bluejays YOU WANt, if YOU CAN, but never, I say never, shoot a mockingbird, because the don't do anything, they just sing all their heart out to us, for us to listen.
  • etc

There Is absoLUtely NoThing bad ABout WAter Rocket, ITs always aBOut the fun... and remember this is serious business, its a family game not a loner....

(p/s: do mind the picture, we try our best to show them to you guys that are wearing glases, we cannot be selfish, because there is just to many bluejays out there you know...also not to forget because the picture is centered, we want the whole thing to be centered...and that is ...ALL...)

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