Sunday, 23 November 2008

otomans: the beginning...

bla, bla, bla, bla, bla... etc.... ok that's the end... fin...

otomans consist of only 3 people, no more, no less and we don't want people to join us, 3 is enough for now. Afi is the leader, Asri is the co-leader and Afiq is the co- ordinator. This is not true we otomans don't care about position, we are equal to each other, each people have their own strength and weakness and so do we. The group otomans is founded on the summer of 2008 by mr.afiq,mr.afi and mr.asri basically because they have nothing to do during the time. Main aim for this group is spending most of the time of our short life just for fun that may hel the environment, but we always remember to pray, go to the mosque, reading books, and more stuff that people do. We think that everything is fun and good but not the really bad stuff like you know what.

What We Do
Mostly we do all the kraziest of stuff, nothing else just kraziest of stuff. We stick to nike caption thingy "just do it" and we just do it. Krazy meaning crazy, funky, oldschool, projects, fun, saving the world, and even the boring stuff. Saving the world is our main aim, we make stuff by using old stuff that people will never ever used. For example, if we found some box in the big rubbish bin we take it, make something out of it, turn it into something kewl and use it, for the good of people. So basically what we do is krazy yet saving the world at the same time. SAVE THE EARTH PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What we've done
As you had seen from our previous post we have basically done:
  • longboard
  • the dawg mask
  • cool art
  • water rocket(planning)
  • setting a world record for tony hawk underground 2
  • this blog maybe
  • video
  • and many more

There is lots of stuff that we are planning to do just for fun, so that we don't waste our time. We don't like this thing called wasting even with food, if we are full we still eat to the last drop. We like competition because that just normal for a human even the nerdiest of nerd still compete with each other who read the most. What we have to say is this...

stop wasting time people!!!!

last of word

To sum it all, otomans is group that is created to spent our minute of life to the deepest of fun. No wasting. No killing trees. No sad faces. No killing. No smoking. Just say no to all bad things okay. One more thing to say don't join our group and also a bad man is a good man and so is everyone we just need to be in their shoe to realise this, never think bad stuff about people because we have more weaknesses than others, if we know they are bad people, just pray to god to open their eyes and see what they are doing which is bad for you guyz, or you could always persuade them. Lastly what we want to say is....





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bored. bad english! lol you guys still rock my boxer off xD