Sunday, 23 November 2008

night session...

The time is 2 o'clock in the morning, and that time is the time we want and that time is now. The concrete wave is calling us like crazy, the wave can't wait for us to surf on it. When we are on the wave, the wave kills us and it was bogus, speed wobble happens and we like it. No injuries, but lots of fun. It was dark,we couldn't see anything, only the moonlight that shine with the help of the sun. No matter, the wave is calling, dogs are howling, cars horning, bumping and we're surfing. Fun morning, moaning lots of time, as time flew by we had conquer the wave. People eyes' staring, looking, watching, fills with curiousity and question.

The sound, the sound the wheel spinning, rolling on the wave, sound of the bearing, slowly rusting, and the sound of the heart thumping with adreanaline as going down the wave. The big wave was slowly appearing, suddenly a hole appears, with quick turning we avoid it. It was a ghostly town, without people on the streets, no noise coming from people but noise coming from our wheels,a 52 mm wheels and our abec 3 and 7, positive bearing. Racing, surfing, slaloming, carving, pushing the board. Never we were remind of time, just reminded of fun.

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kebulan said...

nice how's businesS?