Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Random Afternoon (one shot story)

it's. oh. so quiet
it'a oh. so still
you're all alone
and so peaceful until...
(Bjork-It's oh so quiet)

Charging, loading, listening, thinking and possibly sitting on a chair with the screen in front, typing.
1.13 PM nothing to do, looking at my brother also in front of the screen, thinking about my brothers and sister who are outside the room also in front of the screen. Thinking about it, and looking at myself, also in front of a screen.

Nothing productive, yet nothing is wasted, most of them at this time has not yet taken their shower, time will tell, time will tell. Room is still messy, what can we do, we're busy people.

So the story continues, it's 3 AM in the morning everyone were sleeping on their beds, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping and just sleeping. Nobody knows for sure what they're dreaming, just themselves.

The story continues, 1.20 PM now, 7 minutes has passed, still nothing productive happened in those period.

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