Thursday, 10 December 2009

11.12.64 the day a man was born

In remembrance, of the date which is tomorrow, it is with our compliment to write this.

If it satisfy some of people's curiosity tomorrow is our dad's 45th birthday, looking at what he have done for us this is the least thing we can do to pay the debt and to prove gratitude.

45 is considerably young, especially with his dashing, good looking, muscly body and still going active in so many ways, because of this 45 is still young. He is also a father of 5, which could be for some stressful and for some joy, but to be honest it's both in his case. We blame ourself for this, yet we still repeat it, mainly because we are still "children" at hearts. Because of the things we've done, he automatically will shout at us, who won't??? Even mad people will shout at us for doing things that are considered wrong and that have been proven. It is quite stressful to get shout at, it's annoying to get shout at every time, and it's irritating, but though this we still love him, for what he is, a good father.

To be a good father doesn't mean you let the kids do anything they want and rampage, restriction is needed, and he have in so many ways successfully done it. To be a good father also means to set a positive example to the kids, and he have done it. He could almost do anything, anything, anything that is possible to human mind, this is mainly because of his hard work and enthusiasm to do so and is this not a good example???

Because of his hard work, he have a well-good job in Egypt, because of his job we experience another life in another country, a one time experience one could say. Because of his hard work he is able to provide his family with shelter, food and a good education. This is all made possible because of his hard work.

What we can do now is, to wish him a healthy life free from all diseases, live long and a good happy birthday song. Sing it with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the man himself


cik bulan said...

i know.. ur dad is a good father. =]
send my regard to him.

Anonymous said...

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