Monday, 3 August 2009

WHAT we DID...>WHEN we DID.....>

hohoho E-:l.....
the day we tortured ourselves was when the day we had fun....What we did was playing in the playground ,after 7 years not set foot in a playground we started to play to all the stuff in the playground then we throw feels really good after playing in the playground its feel like ur jogging for 1.5KM....

we think playground nowadays are very dangerous their like a torture machine for kid hohoho...(adult are really genius ,making a torture machine dat look like for playing)..ohohoho

after we puke/throw up(wodajodajfoaefxD*) n smack our head really hard we start to think that we wish to be small again because our body cannot handle the g-force of the see saw and the small spring thingy ,the swing cannot handle our weight very2 sad2 ):-(.... in my point of view being a kid is so kewl, unlike teenagers! it just sux , being like a, like a teenagers is like a
dur* you know

kids now a days just want to play computer ,internet ,computer ,internet...they dont appreciate their childhood anymore very2 sad2....

DUR: is a random created by our people which the meaning is hard to

p/s: this post has been writen by a person who is not good in writing in english
very2 sad2....we dont what to write so we just write stuff hohohoho

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