Friday, 27 February 2009

off subject >( kiLlEr cAt)<

oNCe upon a time, at place so near to you, near as an air, there live a cat named TiTUos ( this what i call it). HE is big as a lion could be, never loose to any tiger, and can sleep longer than a couch potato. HE is also darkish-grayish-blackish-whitish dark cat, a foot-killer we can say, HE is also good at arm wrestling especially when he scracth'em. Have this strong eye glare that may confuse people on what he wants, and is a pain in the bathroom. BUt he is a good cat to sleep on, that is if you prefer another mat cat like him.

Right now, he is sleeping, or somewhere in the house, he is really good at hiding because of his colour that enables him to camouflage. OK, here we go, the story goes like this, before the day that comes, tituos came, and he said "PLAY the best song in the world", and we said "no, it's not for sale", then Titous attacked us, but before that happens, he told us something "I'm starving". We figure that the reason why he attack us was because he was hungry or starving. When he suprisingly attack us, AfI saves AsRi by using AFIq's body, because of this two members of otomans DieD. they LEt aSri live because of a reason, it is because HE have Too MAny GFs, though afIQ didn't have time to think about it, but 'hey, been trying to meet you'.

aFter a while, Asri brought The F00d back, when does that TitOus realise that his time will come, and quickly transform into a bIGGER cat than he Was BEfore, and attack Asri. LuckilY, aSri was lucky, to have his lucky something but lucky and force to push Titous BackwaRD AND MAKe him look as if He WAS doing a running man. This was to Stall Titous, beCAuse he was surely fierce as A DraGon, and HAVE a sUper stRong roar. Again ASri snapped out a kNife and stabbed SometHing HaRD, lIquid thing sTart to DRippeD aND it Was reD, like The Colour of blood in the rainbow.

When aFIQ anD afi Was back From tHE beD, it WAS pizza aLL over. tHEy took A look at What was GoinG on, And what they Found were TwO FIGure, one STANdING up, and thE other doing something that they caN'T figure out. When they took An extRa CAUtious look it WAS tiTouS eating, and asri standing.

They WEre so Happy That they found fairy Tail Happy end DO EXIST, EXCEPT fOR tHE fact That ThEre isn't any end to it... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

(P/S: NO animals were harm or eaten or something during the process of writing this thing up, so just sit down an tune in for more live action, peace out y'all)

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