Thursday, 2 October 2008

Our first longboard

Before the summer we had a lot project that we want to do during summer. One of the project that finish first among all of the project was the 'Longboard'.


  • tracker 7.5" trucks

  • 28" long

  • 8" wide

  • adjustable truck setup for carving/downhill

  • bee knee's wheel 65mm 83a dr=uro

  • dropwedge deck


  • made from 5 ply of maple birch maltic and 5 normal plywood

  • 10mm thickness

  • very flexible

  • can withstand 160 kg

  • cruising

  • sliding

  • downhill

  • carving

1 comment: said...

hye afi.moon here.i hope ur longboard business will success! send my regards to the people in egypt yang mengenali diri ni.